Sunday, February 19, 2006

more on the tarot.

the tarot is a series of cards layed out in patterns and read to gain insight into issues facing the questioner. there are many tarot card decks formed by mystics to do specific types of inquiry. i am involved in contributing to tim boucher`s evolving deck.
it is my opinion that anything that we use to focus our attention to answering questions will allow us to gain insight. the tarot is a sharp way to do this.
the tarot is a great way of becoming used to having a dialog with our unconscious, intuitive and higher self. the pictures and symbols and archetypes on the faces of the cards have meanings to those who study these things and there is a ton of resourses on-line to provide you with this kind of knowledge.
it has been my experience that my own interpretation of the cards and how they fall has been as insightful as any method that i`ve studied elsewhere.
the strength of the cards is in the time you spend working with them. it is your consciousness that is learning it`s own language via the ritual of the cards.
doing it is the lesson. your answers are the right one`s for you now.

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