Friday, February 17, 2006

tarot card; the competitor.

tim boucher has a site called pop occulture that deals with gnosticism, religion, the occult and more. he has an ongoing project to develop a series of tarot card made by readers of his site.
this is my contribution.

the competitor.

the competitor is an athletic hunter who will work as an individual and in teams toward a specific goal or outcome.
his is physically and mentally strong, technically skilled and intuitive, with the confidence to apply creative approaches to whatever challenge arises.


the reverse nature of this character is one of agression, subterfuge, coersion, deception and outright cheating and lying. he is capable of destroying anything and everything including himself to align with the negative energy in the card. this is not a team player. whatever humour and spirituality is present above is matched by malevolence in reverse.

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