Sunday, May 07, 2006

the sharpening of the wit.

what good is it to always associate with those who agree with you? there are those who feel that the world is a political place and they are determined to prove i am in my view. is a place where i put in my few cents worth on occasion and i find a heathy and reasoned disagreement there when i`ve had too much love and agreement. but, you know what? i find myself reaffirming my focus on unconditional love and because of my determination, discipline or blind faith, or whatever it is that`s going on.......i find that people are acknowledging the openness of my point of view.
and that means a lot.
spring is hear boys and girls, breathe in the pollen.....become pollenated and blossom into something positive for the upcoming summer. our efforts will bear fruit for the harvest like they do every year to last through another winter.
and so the cycle goes.

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