Thursday, June 15, 2006

other ideas about happiness.

i have enjoyed tim boucher`s approach to the idea of consciousness, religion, spirituality and happiness it`s self. tim has a deep scolarly ability and will root around the internet universe to provide views on this thing called life. tim`s commentors provide a good testing ground for my ideas and they don`t always agree with my thoughts. this adds another dimension to my thinking and makes me work harder to be clear in my thought and explenation.
it is interesting to see how others respond to how we think and communicate. i have learned to accept that when someone responds out of misunderstanding that i have to work to clarify my point and not become defensive of my original statement.


tim boucher said...

i wasnt really trying to "blast" you on that. sorry if it came off that way. your ideas were just sort of a jumping off point for me to articulate an issue that had been on my mind a lot lately.

dr.alistair said...

i understand tim. it`s a honour to be able to share ideas and to have discussion. we can`t always agree or understand the precise meaning of the thoughts of others, but with patience and understanding we can come to consensus. aristotle called us the reasoning animal. it is through reason that we become tolerant of the points and positions of others.
if i had one wish for humanity it would be a little more reason.