Monday, July 03, 2006

it`s all right here.

tim has had an experience of mystical awakening. his sister performed rieki and it opened the flow of energy in him. some call it charisma, some call it kundalini, some call it a quickening. it is a blessing nomatter where or when or how it comes. it is the brush with the divine that we all have the potential to experience.
the shame is that most never come close to it.


tim boucher said...

i think one of the misconceptions that most people have about "mystical awakenings" or whatever is that you just have one and then BOOM! you're done. far from it. more realistically it seems like you continually go through them, and it helps more than anything to be aware of what they look like and the shape of them so you can realize it while and after its happening.

mine i wouldnt call so much an awakening as i would maybe something that will lead to something else "bigger"... but again maybe thats how they all are. feels good to talk about it though with others who have had similar experiences and understand it and can give you a framework for it

dr.alistair said...

well, it`s somewhat like trying to explain an orgasm to someone who hasn`t ever had one.........words are always going to fall short.
i`m glad you are excited by your experience and are able to step forward and speak about it........regardless of how the critics and sceptics will react.