Tuesday, November 14, 2006

we are the ones....................


we are all able to do this. i think that was jesus` message to us.

i think this is where the modern church fails the message and the people.


tim boucher said...

or conversely, the purpose of the church is to *protect* us (and by that i mean *them*) from our natural ability to do this.

i think i have another post about this someplace... yep


dr.alistair said...

the church is the macdonalds of the spiritual pathway. they are protecting themselves by restricting our access to spiritual developement. that goes back to a discussion i had here recently with yves whereby i suggested that organisations act as individuals when challenged or threatened.
i was born with a radar for this process. it was the reason for my conflict with my jesuit father who wanted me in the church in the worst way. it must have been difficult for him to have been beaten down by a six year-old..........i just couldn`t buy his free will position.

dr.alistair said...

and jazz takes years to master...........much like the enlightenment. it is instant and profound when it occurs but the preperation may take lifetimes.