Wednesday, August 15, 2007


maybe the government had a reason for making a group of people in the high desert of new mexico in 1947 think that something odd happened in thier community.

but why would anyone want to do that?

it is the government`s actions in all of this that fascinate me.

they issue a statement to the press which is published in the local newspaper and then immediately deny the story.

they swarm the area and conduct a thorough clean-up which includes confiscating small pieces of unsual material from a number of local residents.

they threaten men, women and children to be quiet about what they "think" they saw.

and then, over time, officially release several conflicting explenations for what occured, including a publicly released document suggesting that the object found was a high-level weather balloon adapted to drop dummies to test safety equipment for pilots.

this explenation has since been proven to be false because the program stated as proof didn`t begin until the mid-fifties.

roswell happened in 1947.

so even if all of the witness testimony is put aside for a minute or rejected entirely as sensationalist or designed to generate tourist income or something, why is the government continuing to this day to promote the story with ever-changing explenations?


BBC said...

What ever. Everyone loves what they think might be a government conspiracy. As if our government is smart enough to hide such things.

Besides, why would they even want to?

Hey, if I can't get work out of it, eat it, sex it, what the hell is it good for?

And if you haven't personally seen one, why are you supporting those that claim they have?

Speaking of work, you should get your ass back to work instead of fucking around with this nonsense.

Just saying. Hugs.

BBC said...

Hey, I have a beautiful bridge to sell you. I can't provide anything but a touched up picture and convincing proof that it exists, but believe me, it's a very fine bridge.

dr.alistair said...

and i`ll take you on your word bill. send me the picture. not that i need a bridge mind you.

and the government being, but they do have a surprising amount of guns and menacing looking tanks and airplanes and battleships just in case someone thinks they are smarter.

X. Dell said...

Good question. Why have they always?

dr.alistair said...

there is some logic in saying they had somemthing to do with creating the story in the first place.

one suspicion of mine has been that parts of the government likes to play with the gullability of segments of the population.

it is a larger suspicion than the one that says we are being visited by nuts-and-bolts spaceships.

sinister behaviour is a stock cia modus.....

X. Dell said...

One of the things you come to notice doing ufological research is that there is an almost circular body of knowledge, and you wind up ending exactly where you started.

I began to notice, at some point, that all of this information (except sightings) came directly or indirectly through government sources--from Dr. Hynek, to Dr. Sprinkle, to Capt. Randall, to Col. Marcel, and on and on and on.

dr.alistair said...

x, i tend to agree, but that is the nature of experts.

experts become that way by the power invested in government to licence them.

otherwise they wouldn`t be experts and they wouldn`t be given the forum for comment.

anyone who becomes knowledgeable without the stamp of approval from government tends to be lumped in with witnesses and fanatics.

government has the trump card in all of this because it has the power to say who`s statements carry authority.

even john mack, who`s cred is solid, gets marginalised because of his position.

and as bill so clearly points out, we haven`t seen a little green guy yet........all we see is smoke of varying colours and densities.

but psicop is really annoying in it`s smug assertions and logical arguements that they troll out in sartorial splendour, with holes in those arguements that one can drive a truck through. they have committees with grand titles with sitting members from the intellectual elite and thier own magazine of opaque prose and baffling stats of thier own....