Wednesday, May 03, 2006

resisting the urge to be political since 1960.

many peole who i have associations with on the internet are falling into the political content trap for traffic purposes. is one example of a fellow inquirer who has got drawn into the hit rate game realising that people are interested in spiritual, gnostic and religious matters but are addicted to politics. i resist the urge to do that for the simple reason that it`s bullshit of the highest magnitude and the last thing i want is for my day to be ground up with endless debates over who did what and why.
zero soap operas is my limit.
when was the last time you had any political power?
i have rule.
don`t play games that you can`t win.
i have another rule.
know the difference in the games.
politics, like religion, sets people against each other when we need desperately to come together.
the only way we can ever be together is if we can stand to be there for any length of time.
people who stay together are peaceful and quiet in thier hearts. you know this feeling. you know the people you are with when you are in that state are sharing that feeling too.
that feeling comes from unconditional love for the self as a ground state that allows life to grow around us.
recently i have been challenged regarding how difficult it is to get people to love themselves etc......
i`m not trying to get anyone to do anything. i`m just pointing stuff out.
the more we all love ourself first, the less we will interfere in the lives of others and peace will actually have some kind of a chance.

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