Thursday, February 16, 2006

stunning image.

this photograph was taken in 1904 and was just auctioned recently for a record price. the details are really unimportant compared to the absolute beauty of the image.


skip wiley said...

"Details are unimportant"

I'm glad to see this comment!

When it comes to art, I find that all too often we might fall into pitfalls regarding the inconsequential details of the artwork or the artist or the circumstances or whatever... none of that matters! It is where the art takes us that is of prime importance. The artist is merely a vehicle.

For instance, there is a Jimmy Buffett song called "Making Music for Money" (1971?) in which he sings: "I know that this might sound funny / but money don't mean nothing to me / I'm gonna make my music for money? / No -- I'm gonna make my music for me."

Among many Buffett fans there is a recent feeling that he has "sold out," and thus many people scoff at the above lyrics. But that misses the point entirely! In that song, he expresses a universal truth which transends "Jimmy Buffett" the person. To feel that the message/truth is compromised or "must be wrong" because he might have "sold out" is just not getting it. At least that is how I see it.

dr.alistair said...

skip, thanks for the comment. we agree! selling out? a man`s gotta eat......i am a musician too and i don`t practice, practice, practice for money......i just like to play. it feels good. playing well is important to me so i practice. i play with my oldest boy who got a guitar for christmas and it`s a wonderful feeling just to play together. he has a test on the recorder coming up, so i played the pieces on the guitar along with him and he played for his mom. who says homework has to be emerges through joy.

anu said...

Such a stunning mirror image, just like life.

dr.alistair said...

what you see is what you get.......