Wednesday, June 14, 2006

generating good feelings.

we generate feelings in our bodies by the way we think. we think in several distinct ways. we see things, we hear things, we smell things and we taste things. these processes result in us feeling things in our bodies. these feelings in our bodies make our legs go. we either go towards what we like or we move away from what we don`t like.
when we attain some mastery over what we see, hear, tase, smell and feel we begin to master our lives.
have you got a favorite memory?
what does it make you feel like?
look at this memory in terms of the sights, sounds, tastes, smells and feelings. amplify the sensations you like by deciding to in your mind. make the colours brighter, the sounds louder and movement faster. notice how the change changes your feelings.
what did you notice?
the different things that you notice in this exploration of your mind is your individual temprament.
you can practice playing with the elements of your visualisation of the memory you chose to intesify the experience.
remember; we are doing this all the time anyway. why not do it in a way that can add to your life?
when you are around others notice how they are going inside and experiencing things to drive thier reality. everyone is different and most are faily controlled in thier behaviour, but every now and then you see someone who is totally controlled by what they are experiencing in thier mind and are exuding this internal stuff out into the world.
they are the one`s who make people watching so much fun.

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