Tuesday, September 11, 2007

the caravan of martyrs.


well, here we are. the sixth aniversary of 9/11.

a man in a dyed beard stirs up old feelings once again, and transports us back six years to those first few moments of shock.


i think the strongest feelings i had as that morning progressed was my love for my children and my determination to draw them close.

today that feeling persists as strongly.

that`s what gets me through.


X. Dell said...

Bin Ladin's such a cariacture, and we've already seen a number of videos that were either mistranslated (badly) or given a false context (e.g. claiming a wedding to be a strategy session), that I don't have much confidence that the video has anything to do with anything, as represents another attempt to deceive the public.

dr.alistair said...

well, it`s being broadcast so it is intended to sell something.

probably a g.m. or ford possibly.

BBC said...

I watched it all with a detached interest, still do, something like that was bound to happen. America just doesn't get what it was about. But Americans actually think that they run their country. Stupid Americans. Ha, ha, ha.

dr.alistair said...

detached interest. good way to see the situation bill.

america is a lot of things. mostly a big agressive child playing in the sandbox amongst smaller adults who wish they could be as big and strong and youthful.

and if some of those adults were as capable they wouldn`t be quite as restrained.

make no mistake about that.

Supro-Man said...

No need to post my comment, but maybe post the link. We should head to England in November:


dr.alistair said...

i was just thinking about the last time i went to get zeppelin tickets.


then they announced that bonham had died.

i can remember exactly where i was.

sitting in a little gold honda civic that a brave girl was driving.

she was brave (or crazy...) enough to pic up a tall bloke in an army coat and robert plant hair hitchhiking from toronto to montreal to buy tickets for the zepplin concert.

then the announcement came on the radio.

nobody spoke until we arrived in montreal.

the hair`s gone and so`s the coat, but the song remains the same.

Supro-Man said...

I know senility comes with age, Dr. Alistair, but Bonzo died in 1980, September 25th to be exact. Just thought I would correct you.

dr.alistair said...

good that you caught that.....the other three people reading the blog missed it.

yep, 1980 it was.

27 years ago.

makes you think.