Friday, December 28, 2007

is google the government?

an aquaintance of mine has a son who works for google.

the man visited his son recently and went to the offices of google with his boy.

during the telling of the visit i was struck with the sheer scope of control that google has over our networking activities.

each communication from ip to ip is mapped on a screen in the boys office in a flow of arcing connections from point to point on a giant screen on the wall.

there is also another screen showing the adress numbers of those making searches in real time that just whizzes along.

what is this all in aid of ?, one has to ask.

monitoring activity.

the new police state won`t need cameras.

am i paranoid?


we bank on-line, we entertain on-line, we research on-line, we hunt on-line, we consume on-line.

so if we are tracked during these periods then those who monitor our activities can predict and control our behaviour.

so if the government isn`t google, then it will soon try to be.

i suggest it already is.

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