Saturday, July 05, 2008

absolute tragedy. we live in a society dominated by large corporations who take our money under pretense and then refuse to deliver the product or service promised, while hiding behind legislation and legal process designed specifically to financially and emotionally drain private individuals looking for recourse.

we have a choice, but it means turning our backs on the commercial game known as modern society.

our desire to have big houses, shiny new cars and so on traps us in this un-merry-go-round and most only discover the truth when they have to retain a lawyer to keep what they thought was actually thiers in the first place........

what we percieve to be our right to property ownership, political representation, police protection, etc. is a myth that is only shattered by the hard truth of real-time experience.

the truth is that we work for the right to remain in place.

if we remain in place anyway then we have to work less, without the stress of "keeping up" and hoping that our investments and insurance and retirement funds will be substantial when our bodies fail to be able to sustain the rate necessary to earn enough to keep our shit.

ask any retired person what they really know.

many are beginning to realise the truth after years of struggle to attain the "dream" fed us in our youth.........and sadly those who do realise will join thier parent`s generation of dissapointment as they age toward retirement.

or opt out now and begin to enjoy the moment.


Ricardo said...

The story you've linked to sickens me. It is not surprising but the fact that this company is going through with is is just another reason why I will never trust these companies. Your observations are spot on. We are encouraged to buy above our means in order to "own." But we don't own. the bank does.

dr.alistair said...

precisely. once it dawns on you and you can escape the ego-pressure to be seen as "owning" these things, then you can begin to opt out of the conscription to major manufacturing companies and financial institutions and take back you life.

and you have to be careful with whom you discuss such things don`t want to be characterised as "lazy" because you won`t "work" as hard as they do to get a new car every two years and pay for a nanny to watch the kids while they go to work (?) and plan to buy an even bigger house next year.......and work even harder to take a vacation somewhere because they are burned out from all the overtime they`ve taken to pay down the mortgage to impress the bank that they can carry an extra hundred and fifty grand.

no wonder people are cranky if you seem happy and relaxed having a two hour coffee at starbucks.

and what`s it all for?

to impress the niegbours, or your family?

they don`t fact they get irritated becasue they want to have the most,not you.

an extremely unhappy game to be caught in. especially for your whole life.

Vincent said...

I'm a retired person. Ask me what I know. No don't. It's on my blog. I am never happy and relaxed in Starbucks. Well, only went in once. Hated it. Don't understand the options, don't want options. If they had one good type of coffee that would be enough. If you want coffee.

Pouring with rain the other day, had time to kill, only place open was Starbucks (previously the unmodernized cafe of a major supermarket). I refused to go in Starbucks, went home instead, though it was miles away.

Vincent said...

There I was, trying to be mildly offensive, and probably failing, with the above comment. But when Thunderbird forwards my own comment back to me, it thinks it might be an email scam.

So I have managed to offend an inanimate thing? Unless Thunderbird employs live or semi-live humans to censor mail, and this one also works at Starbucks. I suppose everyone has to make a living (sigh).