Thursday, August 21, 2008


y`know somewhere in the toolbar there is probably a button whereby i can make the letters in this post really big so that i can yell the headline of this yahoo article at you all....but i can`t be bothered at this point.

reading all these awful things has tired me to the point of despondancy.

and i don`t even watch tv.

a large earthquake could hit new york city.

expert scientists say so.

same ones that say the ice caps are melting and we are going to be growing palm trees soon.

good. i hate the cold and the snow and the cold.

did i mention i hate snow?

the tires on my bike are only an inch wide.

do you know how hard it is to ride through snow with tires that narrow?

i ride a bike so that i can single handedly thwart the rampant rise in global temperatures so that we will continue to see snowy winters for the next thousand years.

wait a minute.

my tires are only an inch wide.

what am i thinking.......


American Hill BIlly said...

Good article find; I think it just points at natural earth changes. I don't even know about this "global warming". The last years temperatures knocked out the entire temp increase. I also read several places that the ice is growing from a lot of glaciers.

If you want somewhere hot to visit, then you can come down here. I promise you'll have a good safe time. I have learned my way around, and you could be entertained all day, and night by pretty exotic Women!

United In Peace And Freedom

American Hill BIlly said...

I think I commented on this already, but there are no comments. Is everything good my friend?

Ricardo said...

Depressing indeed!

Not watching TV will do nothing to insulate you from this. It's out there all around us. all you can do is face it and hope to make some small positive change. That's what I reckon.

dr.alistair said...

things are good hillbilly. my laptop`s battery died so i`m at the library posting.....waiting for the new battery to arrive from e-bay land.

ice grows and braks off all the time. children know this. only indoctrinated adults believe only part of the process.....and besides, we are recovering from a time when america was covered in ice, so of course things are getting warmer.

ricardo, i don`t watch tv because it`s depressing, not because i think the situation(s) will go a way. and i`ve got better things to fill up my day than someone`s cut-and-paste horror show. (obamacide)

Ricardo said...

TV can be very depressing I'll grant you that. I've talked to some people who work with major news networks and they tell me how seeing so much awful stuff day in and day out burns them out. A few have left and have vowed never to watch the news again. and they are seeing the raw uneditied footage so it worse than the stuff you see on the tv. With the exception of a few bright spots, it's hard to come across engaging TV that's inteligent and informative. But it's there, just very hard to find. I'm happy just to have a few hours to kick back and watch the baseball game also. I value that.

dr.alistair said...

the uncut stuff must be pornographic.....

we live in a desensitized society hungry for the next ever-greater stimulus to be able to feel anything, and so the fast machine lurches forward like some technological frankenstien`s monster.

baseball? jeez. is to big, wide and fast to watch on tv. baseball is the perfect tv spectacle. i used to go to bluejays games in `92 and `93 and 50,000 people would rock the skydome when winfield or strawberry hit one for the fence.

the strike killed the third attempt.