Saturday, September 18, 2010

and we`re supposed to feel sorry for this guy?

many a criminal, when confronted with their crimes, expresses an emotional outburst.

it is normal and healthy to do so, and many a judge will see this as remourse. the beginning of the long and gradual process of making good to society for crime.

this criminal needs to begin the process of paying back to society that which he, and his agency, took...knowing it may take many lifetimes of work.

wash the feet of those who you wish forgiveness from....and look into their eyes.

then, remove the silly hat and the clown costume and begin the work that will ensure that none of your agents do such things again.

can you do that?


Grant said...

I'm betting that will be the usual, once-per-pope papal half-assed apology and then the church will return to spending millions to protect the pedophile priests in their ranks at the expense of the rest of their congregation.

dr.alistair said...

sodomy bonds the child to the perp....