Monday, April 23, 2012

Big Blue 2' x 4' Alcohol-based ink on polycarbonate sheet.e sheet.

I have been asked to do a 4' x 8' piece, and so I'm practicing on smaller (less expensive) sheets to get a feel for ever larger surfaces for my images. I'm excited at the prospect of seeing a larger image of these emerging shapes and colours, but on the other hand, it's a little intimidating logistically to imagine working on such a scale with this medium.

nothing ventured!


X. Dell said...

You know, the first thing that came to my mind when seeing them was "Rorschach test" (sp?). Given your profession, the thought gave me something of a smile.

Of course, I know you're not going to evaluate us based on our reactions to these. But in some ways, I'm guessing that you intend, as an artist, to have the viewer project themselves during the interpretation of these images.

I'm not much of an artist, myself, but I am kinda curious as to how you go about making these. They're certainly pleasant to look at, especially the subtle variations of blue (except for the brown, red and yellow one--for some reason that one doesn't appeal to me as much as the others--go figure, since red's my favorite color).

And in case you're wondering what I'm projecting, in many of these, my first impression is that they're representations of humanity (except for the brown, red, and yellow one, which reminds me more of a smashed insect). The first one, the one in this post, looks almost like a party, with people doing all sorts of things--from G- to X-rated, The next, I see two (perhaps three) people walking casually down the street. The one after the bug, reminds me of a worm and his horse--don't know why, but I like that one. The one under it looks like a workout in a gym.

The first one here, which I think falls a close second to the first in terms of my own personal tastes, almost looks to me like something one would observe under a microscope. Yet, the figures have a human quality, as if mankind itself were under the microscope, as it were.

Fascinating images, Alistair. Thanks for letting me know they were up.

Dr.Alistair said...

well x, my analysis of my work comes from the same place yours does; after the fact.

these images all happen so fast that i make no conscious decisions as to shapes, design or whatever.

the works are done with alcohol-based ink on polycarbonate film and mostly take a few seconds to complete...maybe a minute or two in the case of some of the larger ones.

mankind itself were under a microscope....

....fair enough!

thanks for your thoughts.

Dr.Alistair said...

and yes, the artist wants the viewer to be caught up in the images and merge with them. that's what art is about. transcendence.

the artist's ego is so well formed that he imagines his work to be able to do that!

i was sitting in a music store with one of my boys the other day playing the guitar, and a little boy walked by and just stopped and stared at me as i played.

the little guy was genuinely and unabashedly caught up in what i was doing and it thrilled me to see the little chap "get it".

sometimes people respond to the pictures like that too....