Friday, December 22, 2006

niether one nor the other.

there is a middle ground to the idea of work. it lies in doing what you enjoy and are passionate about and recieving payment for you efforts.

the last posting dealt symbolically with the idea of the indoctrination of work for it`s own sake, the idea of salvation through effort.

as if we need salvation firstly and then the further concept of judgement of those efforts and the granting of benifit to those who meet the criteria.

does anyone actually believe that shit?

when has that actually ever happened?

there are so many games played with this mechanism held as a valid premise that i wouldn`t know where to begin to explain them all.

consumer society demands that we accept the work/reward game as an honest one...........and it` a lie.

that`s why we are pissy all the time. we have been betrayed since we were small and can`t quite put our finger on how.

to compound the issue further it is instructive to note that the majority of those who do the indoctrinating are unaware of what they are doing and firmly believe they are playing an honest game of teacher or minister or boss or manager or even parent or older sibling.

watch the movie the matrix again if you haven`t already watched it a hundred times.

oh, and one last thing; smiling seems, for whatever reason, to fuck up the programming.

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