Wednesday, December 27, 2006

t.a. simplified.

t.a. suggests that the consciousness is comprised of a parent, an adult, and a child. each of these elements can have varying degrees of effect on the person and can rise and fall in reaction to external stimulii.

the child wants to play, the parent wants to direct and criticise and the adult wants to be reasonable.

our live`s are determined by how functional each aspect of the consciousness is and when each aspect comes into operation.

we react to others by communicating with these three elements of our personality as they do to us.

adult to adult interactions are where the "normal" business is conducted. when the parent and child come into play the games commence.

a harsh parent aspect as a dominant character trait will trigger a resentful child possibly or fearful one......or another harsh parent or a calm adult who will ignore the harsh parent game altogether.

the formulas are endless, but in simple terms once you see how the various aspects of our consciousness relate you can analyse most situations reasonably accurately.

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