Tuesday, May 08, 2007

algore is an asshole.

the inconvenient truth is that every planet in the solar system is having global warming right now.

the inconvenient truth is that there are fluctuations in solar emmisions that effect the entire solar system.

the inconvenient truth is that this has happened many times before in the history of our planet and that the geological record clearly shows this to be true.

you just can`t tax the sun.

sorry al. you`re an asshole.


greg said...

Those darn CO2 levels just aren't going down tho'. Weird how political the matter is, and you singling out Gore ... he may have invented the internet, but not global-warming!

dr.alistair said...

no they aren`t. a large part of the struggle to be human is our anability to accept things we are powerless over.

so in rushes the politicians with a menu of solutions that, if you will only vote for them, will provide post-haste.

and algore is the pre-eminent purveyor of a sanction based solution that envigorates those who are looking to hold someone accountable for this impending disaster.

algore even made a vast hour and a half long infomercial that people line up to pay to see.

we live in a fragile environment.

and we are powerless over it.

especially if the simple truth be known.........

.........that the giant burning gas ball that created us out there in the vacuum has the potential to flame out and cook us in a nonosecond.

try and make that political.

BBC said...

He is not, this is a real problem because there are so many people on this planet doing stupid things now.

Learn more about it, think more about it, and don't be selfish.

Anonymous said...

right you are dr alibastar!

dr.alistair said...

sorry bill, you are missing the big picture on this one. all the stupid shit that we are admittedly doing on this planet is merely making it uninhabitable. the increase in the temperature of the planet is caused by coronal discharges. this effect is causing global warming of all the planets in our solar system.

no amount of political wanking or taxing of industry or kyoto jibber-jabber is going to change this simple fact.

Hammer said...

One volcanic eruption spews as much co2 in one day as mankind has done since the discovery of fire.

dr.alistair said...

precisely hammer. we are being lined up for a tax grab.

dr.alistair said...

and selfish? the only selfish one`s are those who want be seen as doing something by climbing up onto the moral high ground on the back of some new cause.

they teach global warming to kids but do they teach them how to deal with credit cards or how to save money or how to communicate in a relationship?

Yves said...

It's very provincial to pick on Al Gore of all people. What makes him the target of your diatribe, which as convincing as that of a drunk in a pub?