Sunday, May 13, 2007

pattern interrupt.

16% of the keyword searches that brought up my blog used the term pattern interrupt.


the pattern interrupt is a method used in therapy to break the chain of behaviour in a client while in session.

for instance, if a client is becoming consumed with a series of memories that aren`t useful to them while talking, i may simply cough and adjust my seating position in a significant way or ask them if they would like some water, or whatever i feel is appropriate to disengage them from thier train of thought.

poor communicators use this method to disrupt those who are talking so they may gain unreasonable control of the conversation.

the pattern interrupt can become a cultural phenomenon.

a terrorist threat for instance, or a radical political shift, or a school shooting.

these events dislodge us from our normal social dynamic and pole-vault us into stress.

the resulting state is one of hightened suggestability.

the next series of commands are installed unconsciously and accepted without criticism.

makes one think more deeply about what 9/11 means.


Hammer said...

How true. It seems our nation has changed course after that interrupt.


dr.alistair said...

there have been many cultural pattern interrupts that have effected us in profound ways.

here are some that i find significant.

apollo 11 landing on the moon.

cable t.v.

the internet.

signing the magna carta.

the death of princess diana.

bombing of hiroshima and nagasaki.

the invention of the printing press. (gutenberg.)

there are many more, but these are a few that spring to mind.

we can see how our own personal catastrophic pattern interrupts have allowed us to take on new programming.

some are obvious, but others are deeply hidden in the archetecture of our psyche.

Hammer said...

They hit me particularly hard because I am introspective by nature and highly empathetic to the goings on around me.

Recognizing is one thing, not letting things send me into a panic, depression or ulcer is another.

I agree with all the interrupts you mentioned and I can trace back to the ones that happened in my life time and note the effects.

BBC said...

You should take your diplomas off of the wall and start learning to think for yourself.

You are in Canada, what in the hell do you care about 9/11?

Our fucked up christian preznut just used it for an excuse to open a big can of worms that you really don't understand.

9/11 was a strike against greedy capitalism, of which our preznut is a part of. And we fucking asked for it so I wish everyone would fucking stop complaining about it.

You have no idea how both Bush's have raped and fucked over this country.

Ah fuck it, never mind. I'm just talking to a bunch of fucking monkeys and I'm wasting my time.

dr.alistair said...

as i have stated elsewhere here politics are for the benifit of politicians and thier bedfellows.

we are not those things.

we merely pay the frieght.

regarding caring about 9/11, i think i was as effected as anyone by the event.

bushs have no more raped the land than clintons or nixons or reagans or kennedys.

when it comes to personal pattern interrupts, it takes some deep searching to understand the effect they have had and begin to reprogram one`s self.

the post-traumatic stress is the first hurdle to jump.

the u.s. has reacted to their post 9/11 stress by liberalising......

that might just be a clue.

BBC said...

"the u.s. has reacted to their post 9/11 stress by liberalising."

Oh fuck, learn to think for yourself. They reacted like a bunch of fucking monkeys would.

BBC said...