Sunday, February 03, 2008

the new man.

well, as a chapter ends in a man`s life so a new one begins.

during the last five years of my life i wanted to do one thing. show people how to do some of the things that i knew how do do....

because when you know how, it`s easy.

the desire to do this simple thing cost me a relationship and a home and a family.

so be it.

the link above is the begining of my work to show men how to create states where they can have comfortable conversations with women.

in the near future i will begin lecturing on this topic and taking on clients with this focus in mind.

this work is as important to me as weight loss and stop smoking and any other work that i do because it decides the future state of relationships.

for men and women both.

much has been said about the field of "how to pick up women", and most of it negative.

this has been the attitude of feminists, misogynists and the sensationalist nature of media it`s self, and often the methods that teachers in this field advocate.

but doesn`t a man, or a woman, deserve to have choice and flexibility in meeting people?

why settle for someone who treats you poorly and doesn`t look after themselves either?

anyway, check out the postings on the link above and let me know what you think.

men and women both.


X. Dell said...

The only advice I give in picking up women is to put the weight on your legs, not your back. That can cause a strain.

I read a few of the posts in the other site. Being a single man, I obviously find them of interest. Perhaps it might be a good idea to publicize the site a bit more. After all, probably a lot of people, married or single, might find it interesting.

dr.alistair said...

and choose from amongst the lighter of the species. some of the bigger ones weigh in over 200 pounds.

regarding the postings on the the other site, i am planning a seminar series to present the ideas and methods to those with interest. i am meeting with partners to develop a dedicated website and marketing strategies including a forum where people can discuss these ideas and learn to implement them.

glad you found them of interest.

BBC said...

It's simple, don't get involved with todays women. They are all too needy or bat shit crazy.

I know a lot of good men that won't have any thing to do with women anymore.

They just lead quite peaceful interesting lives without women. I'm getting to that point myself.

dr.alistair said...

i`m a little needy and bat-shit myself bill, and i think you are as well, so what`s your point?

i delight in the company of women.

thier humour and attitude and agression is something that shouldn`t be missed because we "need" something in a relationship.

if we do that then we become as bad as the type of woman we complain about.

i shared some of my ideas with a girlfriend of mine today over a coffee and she wants to come to my seminars and bring a girlfriend too.

she gets "it".

this is about friendship and enjoying life together.

men and women both.

as you said, all energy is sexual why cut yourself off from it?

dr.alistair said...
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BBC said...

My point is that I'm learning to get along without these fucked up needy women and only spend time with wonderful women like Helen.

And you are not my mentor because you still have a hell of a lot to learn.:-)

Babelosopher said...

I wish you well on your new quest.

For me, I am kind of tired of this self help stuff for men. Like BBC said, there are a lot of horrible women out there. In this push for equality for all, many women have decided they don't need a man. Sure, many of them may want companionship, but if they aren't finding a suitable person they don't feel obligated to settle. Guys, on the other hand, have been focusing all this effort to trying to conform to some mythical dream guy archtype just to get some alone time with a girl.

I say, women need to change just as much as men. Giving women what they want is most often impossible. They suffer from fantastical bullshit just like guys and yet they aren't asked to get a grip on their shit. If guys stop being so easy it might get some women to actually change. Just like women's lib did with guys.

dr.alistair said...

billy, i`m not mentoring anyone who doesn`t ask, and i`m always learning.....but i hope that this learning you refer to doesn`t involve bitterness, because i refuse to damage my essential nature, which i love.

and babel, kind words go far my friend.

horrible women will always exist.

the material and lectures i`m preparing give men the choice to accept this and not be buried and manipulated by such encounters.

men and women both are trapped in "isms" of one form of another that create this tension between us that stops us from any peace between us, unless someone rises above in a compassionate way.

self-help this may be, but there is an aspect of what i teach that doesn`t tolerate bitchy plastic girls looking to collect another castrated wage-earner with equity.

and i`m grateful to the message that bill has brought....

"i hear what your saying, but i see what your doing"


BBC said...

Bitterness is an emotion you fool, and I honor all of my emotions.

Just because I can show some bitterness it doesn't mean that it is the only emotion I have.

Hey, stop stepping on your dick, you might bruise your nose.

Anonymous said...

stopping by to say hi. I'll be looking into this - thanks Alistair!

dr.alistair said...

hey greg, let me know what you think brother....