Sunday, February 24, 2008

new website.

to promote the gentlemen`s arts. and those gentle women who wish to join us.


greg said...

oops seems to be down at the moment ....
got T-shirts too? :)

greg said...

Ah - misspelling issue on page.
Alway check for thoroughness :)

both comments can be deleted

BBC said...

I don't see anything special about that site.

dr.alistair said...

from a visual standpoint there is nothing remarkable about the site, but the content is cracking....

guys need some help to not get trapped into a pay-to-play game where the outcome is unhappiness.

too many guys take the first woman who shows more than an passing interest in them....because the guy wasn`t able to ask the right questions, or feel he had choices around attractive women...and so over time the horrible realisation comes....too late.

functionality comes with flexibility.

and the battle-cry of those who`s game is being called comes in the form of a question.

"are you afraid of committment?

well, the answer should always be "yes".