Sunday, October 11, 2009

happy thanksgiving.....

......for those who need to be told when to do things and what to think.

i`m going to give thanks tomorrow also. and the next day. and yes, the day after that too.

but that`s just me.


Vincent said...

The penny has just dropped at this end. I had no idea there was a Thanksgiving in Canada, or that it was in October.

Sorry for replying because I don't qualify for your wishes on all three counts - not Canadian, don't need to be told when to do things (my wife will not agree) and will think what I like.

Here, I'm still waiting for the arrival of Bluebirds over The White Cliffs of Dover as sung by our very own Forces Sweetheart, Vera Lynn, who aged 94 has an album in the current charts. There are no bluebirds in this country but the song was written in 1941 by an American in Tin Pan Alley. And aged 92 she's currently in the top 20 album charts with her "Very Best of" commemorating 70 years since the war started.

Happy thanksgiving and send my congratulations to surviving Canadians who helped us out in that recent conflict.

Grant said...

I noticed you stopped short of giving thanks on Thursday. You have a problem with Thursday? Thursdays rule! They're like Friday, but without the pressure.

dr.alistair said...

vincent, congrats on the penny dad flew in the r.a.f. coastal command as a radar operator in the sunderland and went on to serve in korea and in north africa. though popular music wan`t his thing, i`m sur e he would have been aware of vera lynn.

grant, thursdays are good. especialy with coffee and adequate amplification.