Monday, October 26, 2009

i was thinking..... i read this. maddof is doing 150 years for running a ponzi scheme (a confidence scam whereby people get paid initially by the next group of suckers ) and i thought, isn`t that what governments do?

in 1967 canada pension started promising a basic pension for working people in canada. when it started c.p.p. had nearly 700 people working to pay each retiree.

now we have about 6 people working per retiree.

do we put the governemnt in jail?


K9 said...

uh oh! all the dipshits here thinks it utopia there. grrrrrrrhahahaha.

dr.alistair said...

in canada?

this is how it works here; you get a free estimate.

walk in to any doctor`s office in the land with your health card and he will poke around for a bit and give you some fatherly long as you aren`t actually sick.

if you have the dire misfortune to be exhibiting some symptoms you will be treated and billed accordingly.

meds for most major illnesses run in the thousands per month,suprisingly mirroring your precise income.

many canadians have some form of private coverage through work, and many seniors take minimum wage jobs purely for the health coverage.

and still people swear we have the best health care in the world.

fucking. idiots.

i have thought sometimes that the chocolate jesus might be canadian.