Friday, October 19, 2007

80/20 rule.

in engineering terms 20% of the imput creates 80% of the output.

the same can be said for the throughput measurement of groups of people. work groups or sports teams or administrations.

it has been said that the distinction maybe as fine as 95/5 in some cases.

the anylitical question has always been; which 20%?

and the social question has always been; how do we support the other 80%?

the commercial question is how do we eliminate the other 80% (or more.)?


The Caped Misogynist. said...

Does this mean that there are agencies at work to kill 80% of the population?

dr.alistair said...

there are those who tend to believe that, yes.

this is alan watt`s site. he believes that there are plans to reduce the global population to the mere tens of millions.

and when computers become able to re-program themselves effectively we will become no more than interesting house-pets........

BBC said...

Have I ever mentioned that you are an idiot? Wash your hands before you take your brain out to play with it. Drop by for a beer some time.

dr.alistair said...

bill, i needed a laugh. thanks.

and about the beer, that`s the best offer i`ve had in a long fucking time.

maybe one of these days...........

BBC said...

Comment moderation AND word verification are proof that you are an idiot. :-)

Hell buddy, go get a hooker and get your mind in order. Hugs.

dr.alistair said...

bill, you`ll like this.

on craigslist a woman posted a message saying that she was an attractive woman who was looking for a man who made six figures and she would make a loyal companion.

a guy posted back that he liked her profile and he fit her financial requirements but wanted to make a more reasonable offer considering his knowledge of commodity markets.

his position was that considering her value, while high now, came with no durable guarantee.

his counter offer was to lease her for a set period for a reasonable sum.

she freaked.

she named a price for companionship and sex and he merely pointed out that his money was going to endure but her services were going to diminish over time.

his counter-offer, though reasonable, is somehow reprehensible in our current moral climate.

it`s ok to set a price, whether stated or otherwise, but it`s not ok to set terms.

funny world.

BBC said...

Yeah, I read that.