Tuesday, October 23, 2007

past lives.


my new blog is dedicated to the issue of past lives and how we have access to such knowledge.

i will be researching for and promoting a lecture series beginning in late november to adress this subject, which has fascinated me my entire life.


BBC said...

Whatever, how many times have I told you to wash your hands before playing with your brain?

"i am a certified hypnotherapist"

Sir, you are a certified frigging idiot. But I love you anyway, stop by for a beer some time.

But not in January because a sweetie pie in England is coming to, um, well, that wouldn't be any of your fucking business. :-)

X. Dell said...

Interesting. I've posted about memories that seem to come from a past life. Perhaps I'll give your new page a whirl.

BTW, much of the illuminati angle is speculative, which, of course, makes it frustrating as all hell. What's important is not what one personally believes, but understanding the variety of beliefs that can spring from a handful of sources.

dr.alistair said...

x, when we are introspective to any degree we do access memories, or some may say fantasies, that seem arrive too fully detailed and rich in emotion and sensation to be mere inventions.

i have had several vivid experiences of that nature that i will explore on the new blog ovef time.

regarding beliefs, how can one seperate out beliefs from experience or from accessing "other" forms of knowledge or gnosis?

maybe the past life concept is merely a metaphor for something else entirely.

the catholic church has many names for states of consciousness outside of material physical existance.

limbo, purgatory, heaven, hell.

certainly our physical body cannot go to these places.

maybe there is an objective recieving station of memories of past life experience that we can access that we download occasionally and that the antenna is dna.

or that the dna is an encoding device that we have access to as a stand-alone device seperate from the catholic clearing houses.

i certainly don`t know, but i will be raising those questions for discussion as the weeks go by.

the real lab is in the seminars or private sessions, where the hypnotic regression occurs.

then the person`s own experiences can be explored.