Tuesday, October 30, 2007

the language of licence plates.


well, over time i have noticed a consistancy in types of licence numbers and letter sequences i see as i pedal around this part of the world.

i have a particular affinity for the number 666 and it is suprising the amount of licence plates with that number on them......

even more remarkable considering the sheer number of churches and religious schools we have in this town.

especially presbyterian and baptist.

and most recently a rash of bamk letter sequence on plates wherever i go.

the significance of that is that my initails are amk and the bamk sequence refers to being myself as opposed to acting in some other way to somehow adapt to situations.

pretty much good advice for anyone really, except that it`s directed at me via the licence plate letters.

either that or i`m imagining things.

my kabbalahist friend takes the licence plate thing much further than i do, and gets some pretty freaky messages as a result.

i wonder if madonna looks at licence plates................


X. Dell said...

This post and the one below deal mostly with cognition. The perceived patterns night not be important in and of themselves, but I could see that, for a therapist (or self-explorer, or anyone for that matter), it could give a tremendous insight to one's psyche.

I actually keep a very loose dream journal (i.e., dreams centering around a particular theme), and agree with the methodology you describe. Never thought of its connection to past-life therapy, though.


dr.alistair said...

x, that`s the point of therapy in my view. allowing the client`s own internal mythology the room to breathe and expand. if i was to roar in with guns blazing based on some intellectual pre-supposition after a preliminary consult, i would be doing what the psychiatric profession has done for nearly a century, with measureable results.

the cognitive approach to therapy is powerful in that it gives the client the ability to master thier feelings.

there is nothing more empowering than to understand one`s kinesthetic responses and be able to live with them peacefully.

it is startling to realise , even after years of cognitive understanding, that there is such a rich flow of information around us at all times.

BBC said...

My license plate has a 69 in it. :-)

And my license plate frame says, Bill Cooks Pissant Express on it. I've done a post on that in fact.

Oh, and even though I'm on a bit of a recess with my blog I did do a post this morning that you may find interesting, or not. Hugs.

BBC said...

"i wonder if madonna looks at licence plates................"

Personally, my dear, I don't give a fuck. LOL

dr.alistair said...

i was referring to her recent interest in kabbalah.