Tuesday, August 25, 2009


so..i`m back from holidays and all you get is another shitty knee update.

the knee still hurts.

it won`t let me run my ass off like i imagine i used to and i`m really upset about that.

at l east we won our playoff game. and yeah, i got two goals...so my ego isn`t totally destroyed.

and the holiday was nice.

a week at at the cottage somewhere in near a bunch of small towns i`ve never heard of before.

it was so quiet there for a few days until an asshole and her fat children showed up with a giant speedboat that left a huge wake in the bay where we were swimming.

so we fired bottle rockets at them.....

and the people on other side spent thier time shouting at eachother in italian.

so we build a massive fire and smoked them out.

there is always a solution.

i like my dad`s attitude. speak when you are spoken to. i just didn`t like it so much when it was applied to me.

noisy freaking cottagers.

the bottle rockets were very, very loud though.

and that meant a lot.

even my girlfriend thought that was funny.

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