Wednesday, August 05, 2009


i didn`t check to see who the author of this article is, but she`s clearly wrong on this issue.

55 minutes a day for 5 days per week?

if you want to lose weight, simply eat less calories than you need to maintain the weight you are at.


the body will take over from there as if by magic, and you will lose the weight.

it might take a while though.

if you are say, 350 pounds. substantially fat for a woman at 5 foot five inches...and you stop eating 5000 calories a day and winch it back to 1800, which is nearly impossible for someone eating emotionally...but let`s say you do....let`s do some simple math based on the assumption that a pound of fat is 3600 calories and the food you are choosing to jam down your neck is 50% fat or more....and most commercially available food are instantly depriving your system of nearly half a pound of fat per day.

in one year you will automatically lose 183 pounds.

you will now be 167 pounds.

if you continue for just a couple more months you will be down around 120 pounds.....bikini weight.

and 1800 caloeries of good healthy food is a quite a bit.

and you haven`t even seen the inside of a gym or ridden a bike.

but wait, let`s look at this from another angle.

how many skinny people never work out and have always been skinny?

the myth of working out needs to be put to rest as a way to lose weight and get fit.

i train with weights. i ride a bike. i play soccer. i watch what i eat.

i do none of those things to change my body weight or shape.

lifting weights builds muscle. eating food repairs damage done due to exercise. eating too much food makes you fat.

you can never outrun or outlift your mouth.

keep your mouth shut and you will lose weight.

ask an anorexic.

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