Monday, August 03, 2009

yet another knee update.

after two days of chasing the boys around the soccer field this week-end my knee is extremely sore.


no. just sore.


Vincent said...

I shall take the liberty of indulging my own leg sagas here, until prevented by the Hypgonotic proprietor. The doctor told me that my swollen toe is evidence of osteo-arthritis, normal at my age. Previous x-rays of hip and knee show incipient signs of similar wear and tear. But glucosamine helps. I take one a day. And - he says - walking is good. But I haven't felt like doing 15 miles at a stretch lately.

Thank you for listening.

Grant said...

I recommend amputation just to be safe. Or assisted suicide.

dr.alistair said...

vincent...i have a wee bit of osteo in my big toes...i just bend them until they crack a bit and i`m away...

...i have a bit in my left knee also.and probably in my hips. deadlifts and power cleans are good and bad.

some controlled duress wakes up the bodies natural will-to-heal. though the medico will tell you to rest and medicate.

grant....both are options.