Saturday, September 26, 2009

features of crop circles.

what critics and debunkers don`t address regarding crop circles is the variety of ways that the crops are laid down onto the surface of the field where it grows.

the debunker`s view is that men with planks enter the field and press the crops down with planks or rolling bars following pre-laid strings and posts. while this certainly accounts for many images left in the crops, it in no way explains some of the ways that the crops in the link above are formed.

planks cannot overlay and twist and braid the stalks of the fact, in fact the mind struggles to figure how any force on earth could have formed such an  intricate effect.

hoaxers, pranksters and promoters certainly formed many of the images catalogued and readily available via the web, but not this one.


Vincent said...

Fair enough, we all like a mystery but not to be hoaxed. Are the critics and debunkers still on the case or are they bored with debunking every variation? My impression is that most people here in the old country don't care, it's not their scene.

dr.alistair said...

debunkers and critics match the enthusiasm with which the public engages a subject.

the more that the media prints a picture of a crop circle or an alleged ufo or an unidentified sea-monster, the more that an appointed expert will de-bunk.
it`s the nature of the game.

the struggle for the minds of the public.