Wednesday, September 02, 2009

hey, what a great idea.


the only problem with socialism is that soon you run out of other people`s money.

and regarding clickable links.......whenever i used to post a full url, the clever people at blogger would automatically make them go live. for some reason this stopped happening and so i just put the plain text link there in the vain hope that people interested in where i was pointing could cut-and-paste and see what i saw.

now blogger has given me some new tool buttons that allow near-luddites such as myself to yet-again provide hypertext links in my posts.

probably something to do with spambots.

eventually spambots will attain some acceptance i suppose...somewhere alongside congressmen and insurance salesmen and those persistant types that like to call the house at supper.

anyway americans, enjoy your new cards. we love ours. even some of those who speak english.


Grant said...

President Bush outlawed the telemarketers. I remind people of that when they said he did no good.

ZACL said...

I don't know if I was meant to, but I giggled with a Luddite compatriot through this post.

Actually, I am not a Luddite, and really, I don't suppose you are, or you would not be blogging and trying out all the new gizmos you mentioned.

Perhaps you could enlighten a learner like me, (and you?) how to download the thing that gives you the hypertext links in posts. The next step then would be to learn how to use the toy once I get it.

Any help, overjoyed to receive :)

dr.alistair said...

yeah. we have a no-call list here also. what tele-marketers are doing now is blasting a pre-recorded message at you with no way of you requesting to be taken off the list.

if government was really interested in stopping marketers from annoying us they would make it an actual crime with a jail sentence for major violations.

or a public stoning.

what we have is actually a fining process whereby it remains profitable to attack our privcacy for commerce....for those large enough pay the fine/tax.

bush also scared the shit out of future bombers of american targets, and gave the general population of the u.s. a sense that someone would stand up for thier freedom.

this idea seems laughable to some, mostly liberal intellectual types, who think that thier high-minded thoughts will make a clear and present danger merely evaporate.

others who think this way are children, those who believe in unicorns, naom chomskey, ed begley jnr., a fair number of journalists, feminists (who secretly love the bomb and any other missile they can get thier hands on.), environmentalists (who actually believe anything algore says.) and a whole string of malcontents, miscreants and otherwise unhappy individuals.

dr.alistair said...

in the blogger post template are new tools, offered recently as an update, which allow things like multiple picturs in a post, and so on.

the hypertext button, when pressed, opens a seperate pane which allows you to insert whichever url you wish to become gloriously live and interconnected in that ever-so-lit-up hypertext format.

and no, i`m not a luddite. no smashing of machines that would threaten my existance.

when the internet wakes up we will be the chosen few who are kept as pets.

K9 said...

you mean there are no sparkly unicorns that will make everybody kumbaya all fucking night long in a glorious celebration of no personal responsibility and a nanny state tit that squirts out fiat currency for us to turn in our shit cars for new cars we cant afford cause we save 4500 on 16K? oh man.

you know, congress did put some controls on telemarketers. but they made and exception for their robo political calls. no! im shocked!

i think the "clear and present danger" needs a better map.

good to see ya doctor!

btw, i'll miss you. i have decided that i wont post wherever comment moderation and word verification are enabled. its too much. vaya con dios!

dr.alistair said...

i`m not sure what to make of the word verification thingy frankly.

i have seen blogs over-run with spam after removing it...but, just for you, i will give it a go.