Tuesday, September 08, 2009


he`s talking to your kids while you work and read this.



Vincent said...

And ...? Do you have a problem with that, Canadian? Is he the Antichrist or what?

Grant said...

I wonder if he's up to the part where he tells them the real secret of happiness is gambling, cocaine, and devil worship, or if he's still stuck on his "death to Israel" rant.

dr.alistair said...

i`m not canadian vincent. i`m just big on smaller government....

he`s not an anti-christ in the bibilical sense, he`s worse. a bureaucrat.

grant, he is brown and shiney, that`s creepy enough. what he`s really saying is "ok kiddies, go home and tell your parents what a cool guy i am and even though you have no idea what the fuck i`m on about, you will talk about me whenever the opportunity comes up.....like tomorrow in class.....and every day after that.

lesson plans....fuck off.