Saturday, December 05, 2009

i was thinking.... i used to, about such things as evolution and just exactly what that means.

the idea that we came from some other species of animal adapted to changes in our environment seems somehow wrong to me.

darwin catalogued species of birds in the galapagos islands and noticed that in different areas of the islands the birds had adapted physiologically to best survive. where insects were plentiful the birds had beaks and claws for holding and eating them. in areas where seeds were the only food source the beaks adapted. this sort of adaptation took generations to evolve.

this adaptation is seen in all species, including humans.

what darwin didn`t find was birds becoming other types of species.

and no other scientist has either.

the only place i`ve ever seen evolution of the type that evolutionists have suggested is in technology.

mechanisms evolve as humans find ways to improve thier devices.

the actions of a higher intelligence act upon devices to allow them to improve in form and function.

like computers.

the first ones were simple beads on rails for doing math.

then came mechanical devices for holding place so that computations could be made.

when vacuum tube technology came along electronic circuits became used for the same purpose.

as circuits became smaller and smaller power consumption grew less, allowing powerful computers to become portable. what once filled a whole room could be held  in the palm of one hand.

now our giga-bit memories allow us to store every phone number in the world in our phone.....

we are the one`s who are driving evlolution. we are the one`s who work in labs to breed clones and create new species...

...and suggest that we can take dinosaur dna and create a new dinosaur.

which i personally think would be kinda cool....unless peta let it loose.....

so how did humans come to exist?

we certainly didn`t evolve naturally from apes or chimps.

even darwin knew that.

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