Wednesday, December 02, 2009


i was watching a movie last night with my girlfriend. the x-files movie for those interested. we were being bored for a few moments with an interview with the actors and the director and my girlfriend said, "why don`t you skip ahead to the film...." and i said that it was one of those old-fashioned newtonian mechanical devices on tape and that it conformed to physical limits of time and space, unlike a cd or dvd which transcends them.

we live in a reality that we experience as if it is on a strip of iron oxide coated tape running in one direction.

from birth to death.

for the majority of us we will see, in the not too distant future, more devices and processes that will allow us to shift from this newtonian local view of reality, toward a non-local quantum mechanical view of things so that things like size and time and location won`t be as critical to our thinking as it is now.

for some this is a frightening concept that means losing a grip on things that "matter" literally and figuratively. areas such as computing and nano-technology are now entering into the realm of non-local functioning and will soon become indisticnct from magic for the lay observer.

the simple fact that people could actually invent the cd in the first place is an early indication that this process is underway....and that in the more than twenty years since we first got cds imagine what else has been developed, waiting to emerged.

the newtonian physical view of reality brought us wonders of clockwork machinery and thinking, the next shift of perception will be......non-material.

and maybe some things that have been a mystery to society will become apparent.....finally.


K9 said...

ow my head hurts. whatever it is can i fast forward through the story my husband has told 30 thousand times?

Matthewzor said...

Moving through time would mess with our perception of events. We may run into the problem of only being able to percieve things by jumping forward and backward in discrete amounts of time.

I hope we never learn how to move through time backwards. We would disrupt time lines, creating new ones and disrupting natural orders of events.

dr.alistair said...

zor, the "natural order" comes from a newtonian perception. the idea the the universe has exploded from somewhere and is expanding into something else is a materialistic viewpoint rooted in 100 year old thinking.

another way to look at things would be to suggest that each time we shift perception, we create another time, complete with it`s own 4 dimensional characteristics.

some quantum physicists have suggested that this might actually be happening and that our will and perception is the thing that drives the mechanism (to use a newtonian word.....)

k9, i hope that you love your husband so much that you look forward to the next time he tells that same story.......