Monday, December 14, 2009

i`ve posted about this guy before.,208327

and for those who don`t know him, he`s an old-school hockey coach who advocates physical violence in the game of hockey.

now, i now there are those of you who know a bit about hockey and say, well, it`s violent by where`s the harm in rallying the troops?

the problem is that hockey is really a skill game with a few of the fat kids trying to hit the athletes before they score again.

and don cherry encorages the fat kids to try  harder.

cherry freaked when the russians and czechs and swedes and finns started coming into the league because the flowing skill game makes the hitting game seems so neandertal and stupid by comparison.

cherry`s cry of "hit them harder" was heard on coaches corner each saturday night for years.

granted, canadian players have the skills...gretzky, lindros, lafleur, cornoyer, etc...but the culture of agression and voilence still persists in the receptical of mr. cherry and the like who encourage parents and kids to "kill him" he needs to shut the fuck up and let them skate, pass, shoot and score.......

....and maybe he can go and commentate on the ufc.


Grant said...

I never read stories when the site begins with "ca" because it didn't come from America and therefore doesn't have the Jebus stamp of absolute truth.

dr.alistair said...

god bless america.....