Friday, September 29, 2006

the authentic self.

the authentic self will always shine through. you cannot hide it over the time. it is like a beacon shining through the fog.
when you take on the role of honesty in your feelings and follow your heart you can never be wrong. others may disagree, they may criticise and they may leave.......but the honesty remains.
it is this honesty that supports your self estimate, the "self-esteem'' that people talk about as being valuable but give to definition for. it is plainly an integrity of how the heart dictates your actions.
people know the truth about others. they can see the authentic and can tell the difference between that and a mask. unless they are full of anxiety themselves.
as we learn to take faith in the authentic self we start to be more and more honest, firstly with ourselves, and then with others. through all this we come to become so confident in our actions that others take notice.
this is called respect.
many times it is grudgingly given..........or never at all. but we only need one person`s respect anyway. our self.
it all comes back to the confidence we have in the process of unconditional love for the self.


anu said...

I love this post, Dr.

It is so easy to want another to love us unconditionally and to feel, explore and share love (though it is just natural to feel that way). But again, if not being in love is making me feel empty, it DOES seem to subsitute my love for myself.

Probably, this life is just about me. Only me. All about me!

dr.alistair said... does feel good. but it won`t last if you don`t love yourself....and that is the worst pain. when the love another has for you fades.

Yves said...

Being loved unconditionally by another, really and truly, is a great help in loving yourself really and truly. That is what I have found. This of course is what every child should have and it sets them up for life. When that was not there, life is so much more of a struggle.

dr.alistair said...

i agree entirely.that is the tragedy of modern marriage. it has been trivialised and so leaves many children in seprations as so many pawns in legal battles.
i do my part to unconditionally love my children but am only able to see them briefly here and there as i go through a long and costly seperation process whith thier mother, who is more interested in the protection of assets than the welfare of her children and the relationship they have with thier father.