Friday, September 29, 2006


well, we live in a society that recognises and rewards the strong. theose who can press on and continue to be productive in spite of it all.
to what end though?
the denial of sensitivity to all that goes on around us at the subtle level leaves us as robots doing repetitive tasks to exaustion and very little else but to spend the money we recieve as a result of our efforts.
round and round we go in this loop until we die.
as a sensitive type i cannot buy into the robot life. there is something deep insode me that makes robotic behavior abhorent to me. i cannot work in a factory or dig ditches or continue to do renovations in the building trades any longer. i have to be honest to the voice inside that calls me to a higher purpose to my help others sort this exact isssue out.
i am the witch doctor, or shaman of the village. i have been to the edge of perception in human terms and looked into the void. for me there`s little fear in looking into the inky black unknown. it`s far more comfortable to go to the outer bounds of this thing we call consciousness than to accept the dull, dim existance of subsistance.
i know there`s more to be had in this life. i see the abundance all around us. the joy and happiness to be had in being alive and telling the truth.
the truth we all feel but are afraid to speak.
so i say it loud and clear and often.

with little fear of crucifixion.................

there are too many of us now.


Yves said...

But then we can have compassion for those who are not really robots but who are forced to do things to exhaustion. Things which we depend on, in this society. We could try and change society, but it would take time even if it were possible and would not help those alive now.

We're all in this together.

dr.alistair said...

i`m not going to change society. it does that all on it`s own. i work with individuals who are ready to make the changes needed to give up the robot life.......and wake up in the spirit of our highest purpose.
knowing it`s there is the first step. knowing you can reach it is the next, even if it`s for mere moments at a time.
at least you know what can be when the tide is right...........