Saturday, November 24, 2007

the earth mother........a cautionary tale.

i met her in a bar.

i know what you are thinking, and you might be right, though we weren`t together all that long and so i`ll probably never know whether you were or not.

she came over and started talking to me actually. that kind of suprised me because i`m usually the one to initiate conversation.......but i wasn`t displeased with her approach.

she slid in beside me and said, "could you imagine a better place sit and talk with someone who you found interesting?"

i was caught so completely off guard by her sudden approach and her comment that the only thing i could say was, "in my car."

a few minutes later we were driving out onto the coast highway as the sun hit the horizon across the ocean and exploded in a blaze of fire while my mind raced as to what to do next.

she solved the problem for me by leaning over and kissing me gently on the cheek as i drove.

"you are as beautiful as you are enigmatic, and i don`t even know your name" i said, still trying to figure out what was going on as i drove my car god only knew where.

"my name is rachel, and i`ve come to bring you a message" she said.

"a message, what do you mean?" i thought this was odd, but i wasn`t prepared for what she said next.

"you are in a sort of dream state where we are able to do this now. you have been preparing for this all of your life, and so have i.......and so while this is a bit of a shock to you, you are able to understand this and are able to accept what will happen in the next short while."

rachel was a beautiful blonde girl with odd green eyes with little flecks of red in them that made her almost wolf-like in her gaze, and although she had perfect skin she had a scar across the side of her nose onto her upper lip that immediately reminded me of the sort of wound one would get from the tip of a sword.t

she kissed me again, and this time i pulled the car over and kissed her in return.

we found a motel in this dream we were in, and made love until the sun returned to light this side of the planet once again.

"rachel." i said waking into the dream once again, not sure if i had dreamed her while asleep in my dream or while awake in my dream before..........

it had not been a dream within a dream but one continuation.

she lay there beside me as if she had always been there, this strange and beautiful creature with an odd tale to beguile a middle aged man into bed.

i called her name a second time and she stirred and opened her eyes, and once again i found her lupine gaze to be slightly unnerving.

"there is more i need to tell you" she said, with a look of concern on her face that stopped me as i reached to kiss her.

"yes i believe there is......" i said.

then she laid her cards right down on the table.

"i am what you might want to call mother nature. it`s not my name, but the description of my role is accurate. i have come here to warn you that if you don`t recognise yourself for who you are as the male part of who we are and embrace this as the highest manifestation of your being, then humanity will cease to exist in this place very soon.

man has become so hateful of himself and greedy and destructive and war-like that soon humanity will descend into an all-out conflict that will destroy us all.

and the only thing that will stop this is for you to see yourself as if you we watching yourself in a movie as the lead role in a film about the potential for the end of the world.

and as you watch yourself keep reminding yourself that you have to love yourself nothing that could harm you or could result in bringing harm to yourself in the future.

why you?

well why not you?

and know that i am in love with you so deeply that it tears me apart to think that i could ever be apart from you even for a moment, and that i am happy because i don`t ever have to leave you now".

as i walked across the gravel parking lot of the hotel my mind was reeling with what rachel had said. i understood the unconditional love part, but couldn`t understand how it was going to affect all of humanity.

i would have to ask her when she came out to the car.


BBC said...

"man has become so hateful of himself and greedy and destructive and war-like that soon humanity will descend into an all-out conflict that will destroy us all."


And unconditional love is only in the cosmos where you make those you love as you want them. And they make you as they want you.

I could be wrong, and I hope I am, but I only give mankind another fifty years at best.

Meaning that your kids are fucked. So how do you feel about that?

dr.alistair said...

bill. the unconditional love i`m refering to is for the (my)self.

the others are in this too.

they have choices as well.

and there were people talking about humanity having only so long a hundred years ago.....

the "the end is nigh" rhetoric is a useful tool of the evangelicals looking to instil some behaviour threshhold on the sheep.

and i feel that your cosmology is causing you some discomfort.....may i suggest a larger waist size?