Wednesday, November 07, 2007

speaking of.........

......sitting out in the woods....

just another crazy phd.


Ticharu said...

I really need to come to your blog more often! Great link!

dr.alistair said...

terence was a cool cat. his legacy lives on.

i used to have a ton of his audio files from the old kazaa file sharing site, but you know, all good fun must come to an end.....

....and my old computer crashed and i lost the files.

but i can still hear his laugh.

i would imagine that those audio files are floating around somewhere.

the internet is a big place.

here`s a formula i like;


what does it mean?

hippy + intelligence + drugs multiplied by(intuition)+ a lot of education and sense of humour, equals insight.

i have seen results without one or two of the elements, but the larger the values for each, the more insight attained.

terence`s score was off the scale.