Saturday, November 03, 2007

i learned some things this week.

i rode into toronto yesterday and discovered that my friend, who i`ve known since high school in montreal, is suffering terribly from work stress and will probably never be able to maintain a professional job again.

he is sueing his employer and they are sending thier insurance company after him to further damage the emotional state of one of thier senior employees.

i also learned that women are compulsively competitive on occasion.

not for advantage either.......

i wonder if it`s a conscious decision or something inate?

i wonder if i`m supposed to put a question mark after the last sentence....and this one?

or are they rhetorical?

i learned also....or was reminded of something important.

the assemblage point.

a deep center somewhere in the solar plaxus where or conscious intent lies.

and that the assemblage point shifts with perception and can, if we endure stress for too long, become stuck or turned in on it`s self to the point where it doesn`t operate effectively.

i`m now meditating on shifting it to align with my new focus.

thank you catherine, for reminding me of something i showed you a long time ago, in another life it seems.

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