Thursday, November 01, 2007

m(r)s. clinton

a little like the pot calling the kettle black.......


X. Dell said...

Lately, there's been a lot of that in US "politics."

dr.alistair said...

commenting on these affairs is much like shooting ducks in a barrel. but i find it interesting that, like insulting specific religions, it tends to get the most hits and comments.

when i delve into the subtleties of the mind or mystical postulates people glaze over and skip to the next thing it seems.

BBC said...

Our whole political system is full of monkey droppings, smoke screens, illusion, delusions and misconduct by everyone looking out after their own interests.

And it damn sure can't be understood by anyone.

I liked Bill Clinton, he got his wick wet and entertained us. It would be cool if that monkey Bush got caught fucking another monkey of a White House couch. Then maybe we could get rid of the little monkey.

He could climb in a tree and lick his dick. It may be too late though, he's already started WWW3.

dr.alistair said...

if bush`s actions could be held responsible for bringing about www3....... then what would clinton`s actions, like retaliating for the bombing of the uss cole by bombing tripoli,or trying to press the palistinians and isrealis to some sort of peace accord have done?

ww3 is going to happen because people like wars.

or ww3 will blow over like any one of a thousand other predictions.

it`s not the fault of one leader or another.

we also live in a judeo-christian rabbit hole full of images of retaliation, hell-fire and armaggedon.

christians are some angry people.

so many enemies.

it`s like having a favorite football team. you instantly have to hate a bunch of other ones by default.

these images are forced into our psyches at an early age to the point where we react unconsciously to the on-going religious stimulataion that the media delivers 100% of the time.

it is embedded in our language, our mannerisms and our value system.

i disliked clinton because he was a sad, tired liar, caught up in a power game that his wife was more interested in than he was.

he reminded me of an one of a thousand middle-managers promoted two tiers beyond his capabilities and culture who i see any day of the week on a trip into toronto to see a corporate client.

one has to ask; without his politicing and communist alliances would he have made it as a lawyer, or would one of his "behaviours" buried him before he managed to get two feet out of the gate?

the same can be said for bush though.....