Wednesday, April 22, 2009

earth day.

did you buy a t-shirt?

did it save anything?

no. it made someone money.

our grocery store is now providing plastic have to buy them for 5 cents each. can buy an eco-bag for 95 cents.

large corporations exist to exist, and by doing so they make you give them money.

either you recieve something you think you need, such as a product or service, or if the corporation gets big enough, they can make the government make a law forcing you to give the money to them....whether you like or need the product or service or not.

our local newspaper is delivered here weekly. it`s a big brick of a thing. once you take out all the retail ads it shrinks down to a few pages about civic policy, missing cats and junior sport.

this is polution. visually, physically and psychically. when the flyers come you must buy something...for the garden, or the house, or the patio.....

the same corporations who are making us guilty for consumption must, to survive, force us to consume.

or they are not going to survive.

the landfills are full of thier efforts and the eforts of us manipulated by them.

without them we would consume less and the things we would consume would be less harmful to our rivers, fields and lakes.

and there would be less of us too.


Grant said...

My medication is making me too sick to eat anything, so that's less packaging I have to open for one day. I rule!

dr.alistair said...

i hope you feel better...

....go find a litle giesha.