Thursday, April 16, 2009

posting for posting`s sake....

i haven`t posted here recently......"no shit" you say....well, i haven`t had much to say as i`m increasingly dissapointed at the level of stupidity, self-centeredness, paranoia and craftiness of people.

i guess i`m finally growing up and realising that i`ve been niave all these years believing that people would actually adhere to moral and ethical codes.

oh well.

so; what to do today. what to comment on. what to be digusted/dissapointed at......?

when i began to write this blog i felt that people might be interested in some good news about how to take on positive attiudes and find enjoyment in life. but as i cruise around the blog nighbourhood i find that the peole with the most members and commentors are those that trade in the anguish and despair.

so i will reconcile myself to the fact that people are generally rat-faced liars that would stab you as soon as look at you but for fear of getting caught, and i take consolation in the fact that i have a few friends who i can trust and a good woman who i can fall asleep with at night and share my niavety with and not be betrayed.

she said to me today that she forgives those who treated her like shit.....and i said a year ago i would have been threatened by that statement coming from her.....but now i understand that she didn`t say she would forget, trust or recommend them. she merely stopped letting it bother her that people are generally rat-faced liars....and she plays dumb in the midst of thier subterfuge.

like my dad said "give them enough rope...."

people aren`t virtuous or moral or ethical. just afraid.

and that makes them dangerous.

is that a depressing thought?


Grant said...

You should spend more time at my blog. It's full of virtue and optimism, by which I mean hot Asian women (many of them dressed as nurses).

dr.alistair said...

thanks grant.

K9 said...

oh i dont know - i took some of your writings and applied it to my garden project and my art business. primarily visualizing the outcomes i want, and to take pleasure in the things that go right. be in it NOW not worry about what happened yesterday. actually, i find that not being in a hurry has helped quiet my interior quite a bit.

though i will admit my K9 blog can sometimes be a doom and gloomer, my chickory blog is all about beauty and goodness and the gift of life. seriously! but, i keep the dog pen open so as to not fill my chickory blog with steaming hot browns. grrherrhaa

dr.alistair said...

thanks for that....i know there are those who are genuinely interested in self-improvement. as an artist i know you understand that this improvement means an unconditional love for the self...that small inner voice that guides the hand...and foot.

and from which flows the images and sounds and shapes and words.

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