Thursday, April 30, 2009

thanks dear....

as someone who unashamedly likes girls, and one in particular, i particularly appreciated miss california`s defence of normal marriage.

and suprisingly to some, we have access to the same rights as them.

and here`s a message to the judge who took offence.

fuck you buddy.

you are entitled to do whatever you want in private, but when you get overtly pissy in public when someone states thier opinion, you make yourself look like a dick....and i for one don`t have to like your attitude, your behaviour, or your face.....

so again, fuck you, and well done miss california for taking a bullet for normal people.


Vincent said...

Whilst I cannot do anything but agree with you on this, Al, your link does not take me to anything that will stir me to the kind of vituperation against any judge that has stirred you into posting.

In fact, googling the news items for this young lady, it seems that the media generally are trying to stir up something from which to make outrage, without much success.

I do see that in UK however, Alan Duncan MP (self-outed gay) who has pretensions as a future minister (political not religious) attracted opprobium himself when on a supposedly humorous TV show (Have I got news for you) he pronounced a joking death threat against the lady in question, which "of course" has to be investigated now, as it's an outrage similar to joking "bomb" on a plane flight.

Vincent said...

Apologies for my previous comment. It seems I did not understand that the judge you referred to was the judge of the beauty contest, not just some judge in the Canadian legal system being politically correct. My wife corrected me on this point over breakfast. She seems to know all about it, but then she reads the Jamaica Gleaner, which takes a keen interest in these matters.

dr.alistair said...

vincent, thanks for your correction.

as we know judges are always politically correct.

in britain people jokingly attack such issues, as the issue of homosexuality is passe and people just get on with thier lives.....escept maybe freddy lundberg

in the us the level of militancy regarding rights for these people is intense, as this issue reveals.

and jamaicans have thier own view also.

Vincent said...

I had never heard of Freddy Lundberg, whom Google seems to think is Fredrik Ljungberg, whom I have not heard of either. Though he appears to be a footballer for an English team Arsenal.

I am not sure if any Englishmen play in English teams these days but it doesn't matter because I have never bothered with following football except when we hit the high point defeating Germany in 1966 World Cup. It has never got better than that, I think.

dr.alistair said...

correct vincent. fredrik ljungburg....who played for the mostly french team arsenal....maybe that`s why they let him go.

that and the uncomfortable bathing after the match.

there are one or two englishmen left in the premiership....even one or two pink ones.

whether we have had much more to cheer about since `66 is debatable as i`m a liverpool fan. 2005 was pretty good. there were a few good years in the `70s and `80s also.

keegan, dalglish, owen, fowler, gerrard. all except dalglish are frighteningly english.

and besides, england has had some really good teams that have come across some astonishingly bad refs.

just ask rooney and beckham.

and although fred was a self-proclaimed gay man, he was a substantial footballer. his sexual orientation was niether here nor there on the field, i just felt that we didn`t need to know what his preferences were. i came to watch football, not promote sexuality.