Saturday, May 02, 2009


a philosophical analysis of bullshit. straightforward and obvious deconstruction of the state of politics and other serious and important environmental ism, feminism, etc.

what we are asked to believe by so-called experts with alterior and impertinant mmotives, is mostly....bullshit.


Vincent said...

Yes, but who has time to wade through YouTube? I would be able to scan a transcript or an essay in seconds, to see if I wanted to give it further study. Has the written word gone out of fashion for serious topics?

dr.alistair said...

you raise an interesting point vincent.....

....the written word is falling out of fashion as the literate, individualistic man of books and personal study gives way for the tribal man who listens to the spoken.

welcome to macluhan`s global village.

it`s niether right or wrong, merely a process.

before gutenburg and the printed word, we all had to listen to what was said, unless we were affluent enough to have someone make a book for us and tutor us in reading.

reading was then a luxury for bishops, monks and politicians....and information was held at a premium.

now that we all have access to it, the price has dropped considerably.

the post was a philosophical discussion on the difference between bullshit and lies.

now the it begs the question, is ccn bullshit or lies.

Vincent said...

so which video were you pointing to out of the selection which comes up from your link?

And what does your abbreviation ccn (in your comment) mean?

dr.alistair said...

well, my apologies vincent. the video link i pasted seems to take one away from where i wanted. i will attempt to rettieve it now.

and cnn refers to the much reviled news network.