Friday, May 29, 2009

dope is dope.....

i have decided, after some pressure from the prevailing opinion in our society, that pot really isn`t all that bad for our children. it is only my uninformed opinion that being whacked out of one`s skull is conducive to fucking your life up before it has a chance to get going.

and maybe anal sex isn`t all that bad either.....although i have no expertise in that area, and therefore a limited position to comment.

boy, i thought i was a conservative.

after all this time holding rigidly to outmoded beliefs about substances and behaviours, it sure feels good knowing that i can fit into normal conversations around town about teen drug use and queer sex and not offend anyone by suggesting that kids should be taught about the dangers of smoking dope and not taught that sodomy is a choice.

if you feel like it.

now and then.

and how would i know, i`ve never tried shut up and let us teach your kids the right way to put things up thier arse.

boy was i ever sheltered as a kid.


Ricardo said...

You sound like a crank old man my friend. how goes it?

dr.alistair said...

boy was i ever sheltered as a kid.

Ricardo said...

LOL! You sure were. But don't ever change.

dr.alistair said...

not likely too....i`m not into "drink to forget".

life`s too good, sweet and pure to fuck it up.