Friday, May 22, 2009



40 year-olds selling pop crap to our youth should expect some resistance to thier message from people thier own age who have kids....occasionally.

though i imagine this publicity will not hurt thier sales.

green day decided to "sell out" by playing to a politically polarised market place on thier last record and sold millions...not for an artistic gesture, but for a political one.

so i guess they tried to hit another hot button with kids, and are getting a different response.

thier next cd will be a run-on love song to obama/guevarra....

i feel tired now.


Bunnylord said...

I like how Wal-Mart tries to censor things as long as they're not too popular. During their short-lived entry into the DVD mail rental field, they dropped a lot of movies from their stock that didn't meet their approval while promoting Sex and the City at the same time. Green Day obviously isn't as famous as Sarah Jessica Parker.

dr.alistair said...

i`m not a big wal-mart fan. it is a museum for all that is failing in our culture. a repository of chinese products designed to be taken home, broken and then dragged to the landfill.....

...and like all good retail shops, about a thousand low-priced items, and the rest; the same as everywhere else. in fact sometimes suprisingly expensive.

they should just put a bingo hall in there and be done with it.

sex and the city? jesus christ. just another way to make women frigid.