Monday, May 11, 2009

we are all different.

with all this talk recently about miss california and the gay judge being "offended" by her comments about marriage (i mean really mate, you openly tell everyone what you put where, and we should believe you are shocked that a young woman feels that marriage should be between a man and a woman.....?) i am reminded of a thought i had some time ago about religion.

religion, and by connection, spirituality wants us to all be the same in our beliefs and practices so that we can be known as religious or spiritual. we go to church and read the bible, or we go out in the forest and talk to trees....but we follow the ideas and practices of those who we believe have some idea about where this will all take us.

but, in the same breath, priests, ministers, druids and witches are saying we should now express our individuality in how we live our lives.

this seems to fit nicely in with the shift in political views and cultural values regarding things such as money, voting, leadership, what we should allow our children to see and hear....and of course, what we should be putting things into.

but what about spiritual diversity?

the romans for instance had all sorts of gods for praying to. love gods, war gods, money gods, gods for favours, gods for doing well at competion.... did the greeks, and many other cultures.

but now we are left with one god and one way to communicate with him, and that seems odd considering how different we all are.

i`m not really sure what my god is, other than to say (heretically of course) that he is within me and without me at the same time.

the buddhists say that makes me one with everything.

maybe that`s and then...except when i`m flying past vehicles on my bike. i really don`t want to be one with any of them.

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