Tuesday, July 21, 2009

it doesn`t suprise me at all.


i saw a lady in waterdown recently with an obama tee-shirt which, ohter than having a big picture of his face, said in big letters "finally, progress".

ok, so firstly. we are in canada. he isn`t the president of this country....and secondly, progress?

she was a black woman, so i can only assume that she was saying that she felt that a black man in the white house was progress for her.

obama has a tough job to do. like clinton, who took over from a bush, obama has to deal with military and foriegn policy issues that are outside of his mandate(those who voted for both obamaa and clinton vehemently opposed war.) at a time when economy was behaving like a pretty prom date that got drunk way too fast...

...so it`s not suprising that those who voted for him are pissed. he`s spending money like a rapper on crack and futher fucking foriegn policy up much like billy-bob clinton.

get a saxophone obama, chicks dig it.


Hammer said...

It's so much worse down here. An Obama T-shirt makes the wearer believe he is entitled to pretty much break any rule or social more when dealing with the rest of society.

dr.alistair said...

maybe it`s that the people who would wear an obama t-shirt would feel a sense of personal entitlement regardless.

and remember; when billy-bob got into trouble, he rocketed kadhafi`s family bunker killing his daughter.....

.....without congressional approval, i might add.

Grant said...

Under Obama's administration, they restored my VA health benefits just after I got private insurance and got over my second uninsured hospitalization, all of which I have to pay out of my pocket. I'm not complaining. Obama and Bush both waste money, but I think Bush did so with more negligence and financed his projects by cutting benefits. Not only did he reduce veteran benefits to an all-time low (save for WWII when we were desperate), the interest rates on my student loans went up as well (they recently dropped again - go Obama!).

You should be happy - the chance of us bombing Canada is slightly lower with a Democrat in office.

dr.alistair said...

it`s comforting to know that we won`t be bombed....yes.